Wallet Combo With Pocket Watch


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  • Premium personalized leather wallet with unique name and charm
  • Includes 1 Antique Pocket Watch Keychain, 1 Premium Quality Pen
  • Best Gift for Men
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Estimated Delivery Time: 6-8 working days (Shipping All Over India)

Select Charm

If you want a single charm on the wallet, enter a single charm number in the text box For example-  MW1.

If you want a double charm on the wallet, enter the double charm number in the text box For example-  MW1, MW2.

charm sheet


Premium Matte Leather Wallet

Quality and durability are the most important aspects in which premium matte leather has outstanding performance. It is lightweight, which makes it great for fashion along with your name and charm number which you can select from the charm sheet given in the photos above.

Wallet combo with pocket watch.

1 Antique Pocket Watch Keychain

 Press the button at the top to open the flap. It reveals a pretty watch inside. The top panel has MOM engraved on it that makes this piece a must buy.

Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 4 cm